What is Computer? Full Information of Computer

What is Computer?

The word computer is derived from the Latin word 'compute' which means to calculate. Friends' Computer has become a part of our everyday life, even today our body also needs computer because more than half of the work is done. The computer itself completes it in a few minutes.

What is computer?

Earlier, different types of things were required to do all the work, but since the computer has come, since then the work is done in a few minutes and easy ways, through cyber technology, today we can do the whole work sitting at home through the computer. 

So, friends, you must have understood what is a computer? And what is its importance, more information is written below.

The Hindi name of a computer is "Sangdak", that is, the machine that calculates is called a computer. A computer is a special type of electronic device whose function is to provide output according to the instructions given.

Definition of Computer:

A computer is a machine that can be instructed through computer programming to automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations. 

Modern computers have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations, which are called programs. These programs enable computers to perform a very wide range of tasks.

Definition Of Computer in English:

A Computer is an Electronic machine that Collect Instruction, Data, mathematical & Logic Operation at full Speed and Display of these Result according to User.

In simple words, it can be said that a computer is an electronic device whose function is to take input from the user and provide output by doing various types of processing in it.

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Only our Personal Computer is not called a computer, but all those electronic devices are called computers, which take input from the user and give output according to it, such as Smartphones, Tablets, iPhones, Calculators, etc.

Working Principle of Computer:

The main principle of the computer is to provide output by working on different types of input units. When we have to do any work with the computer, we have to first give instructions to the computer.

The computer reads the given instructions and displays the output on the monitor screen by doing the work given to us. can be understood from a small diagram-

Working Principle of Computer

Input- The input device is an external device of the computer, whose work is done by the user to give instructions (tell or instruction) to the computer, it can be removed from the computer at any time and can be reconnected. Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Bluetooth, etc.

Processor – This is that part of the computer that cannot be removed, it is also called CPU, whose full name is Central Processing Unit, its function is to work according to the instructions. CPU is called the brain of the computer.

Output - It is an external device of the computer whose function is to display the result after processing. Like - Monitor, Projector.

A computer is formed by combining all these, they complement each other, and a group of programs is required for the computer to work, which is called a program.

Importance of computer (Emphasis On Computer):

I discussed with my computer teacher about what is the importance of computers and why, then he replied to me that in today's modern age, the computer has become an important part of our body because now the whole world is depending on computers.

Wherever you go, work is being done from the computer itself, which proves to be very useful, the work that we do in 1 hour, the computer does it in a few seconds.

Earlier, when the computer was not fully developed, then all the work was done with pen and paper and there was a lot of space, time, and incredible which we could not store for a long time, but now through the computer millions of millions of Records can be kept for a long time.

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Even computers are used in hospitals, banks, railways, organizations, defenses, information technology, business, and industry, to sell products, to send money online, etc. to collect, modify and securely store data in all places. 

The importance of the use of computers has increased. Today's era is a computer-based era, it is believed that life remains incomplete without computers.

Use of computer (Application Of Computer):

The computer is being used in all the fields of seeing it, from the birth of man till his death, the computer is being used in Akkha Life, some areas are given below:

Hospital – 

You must have heard about the x-ray, yes this work is also done by computer. A computer has an important role in the hospital, and making bills for selling medicines has become very difficult.

Computers are used to see the inside of the body and to detect diseases, along with various types of operations like -CT. Scan, Ultrasound, ECG, Digital X-ray, blood test, joint born, eyes operation, etc.

The use of computers can be used to store the details of the medicines of the patients, as well as to monitor the heartbeat by using computerized equipment.

Banks – 

The whole bank is based on computers because if the bank's work is done with pen and paper, then the bank can run into a loss. 

A computer has revolutionized banking, it is used for customer transaction account maintenance, ATM, online banking, and customer payment, Computers are used in the payment of cheques, Passbook Entry, Current Accounts, Saving Accounts, ECS, counting of money, etc.

Railway – 

The reservation system is completely computer-based. Computers have also helped a lot in railways, it is used for giving rail-related information to the customers, cutting their tickets, doing complete rail maintenance, etc.

Education – 

Today computers are being used in the field of education as well, computers are being used for online studies to complete examinations. With the help of multimedia and computer-based education, it has become easier to explain the lesson to the students. 

Today, by doing research according to their syllabus, they are getting answers to their questions sitting at home.

Students like animated picture teaching better than lifeless blackboard teaching and they never forget it and study while having fun.

last word -

Hi Guys…! Today we read what is a computer? Definition of computer, work of computer, etc. I hope you have liked this post very much and I do not think that you would not have understood.

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