What is Multi-Threading in Operating System?

What is Multi-Threading in OS?

When many users are doing different tasks using the same computer and the operating system has the ability to receive more than one request from a single user, then run it in the computer without creating more than one copy in that computer. this type of situation is known as multithreading.

What is Multi-Threading in OS?

In this, multiple terminals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) are connected to a single processing unit. This reduces the cost of installing separate processing units and multiple users can do different tasks in the same processing unit.

Since different tasks are performed by more than one user at the same time, multithreading is done by the CPU to accomplish this.

Keeping in mind the speed of the CPU in modern computer systems, a facility has been provided to execute any process in the form of thread (multiple). This process is called threads.

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Example of Multi-Threading

 The best example of this is the railway reservation system, where many people try to get reservation tickets at the same time, then for each request, the main program is executed and the user who first sends the request for that seat gets its ticket confirmed. Then shows waiting for others.

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